Farm Raised Poultry, Beef and Pork

All of our animal feed (except our veggies) comes from Hiland Naturals, a NON-GMO project verified company!

Due to the overwhelming interest in our first ever meat  CSA, we have decided to continue with 3 more share sessions this year! With 6 bi-weekly pick ups for each share.

How our it works:

  • Like a typical veggie CSA you receive a share of our harvest, but instead of veggies you receive a variety of meats, eggs and other products raised on our farm.
  • Part of participating in a meat CSA is the educational value and experience of being an integral part of a local farm. It is important for members to understand that we are raising livestock for you. That one steer or pig can only be divided into so many chops, steaks and roasts. The meat CSA provides our member families with an experience that introduces them to often new and lesser-known cuts along with the more familiar steaks, hams and chops.
  • You can expect a monthly newsletter filled with info about the best way to prepare your cuts, how to get many meals out of one bird or roast, lots of recipes for rubs, pastes and various cooking methods.
  • For being a member, you automatically receive your share at discount off retail market value.
  • Session 2 Spring/ Early Summer begins the week of April 25th -July 4th
  • Session 3 Summer begins July 18th-September 26th
  • Session 4 Fall begins October 3rd-December 12th
  •  Pick-ups on Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday at our farm stand (delivery available to our Fairfield, New Haven, Norwalk, and Greenwich CSA drop off locations for an additional fee)
  • You do not need to be a veggie CSA member to sign up for the meat CSA

Schedule & What to expect in your shareFull Share

Schedule & What to expect in yourHalf Share

Meat CSA enrollment form


Live” Poultry Fresh Killed” (Custom Orders Only)
Chicken-Finished on GMO free feedpolutry_1

Fresh whole “Broilers” are available year round.

About our chickens:  Our meat chickens are currently raised in barns on our farm. They are raised as humanely as possible; not overcrowded, never fed hormones or antibiotics. They are bedded down with kiln dried sawdust twice daily to keep them dry and healthy.  We do all chicken processing here at the farm. They are processed as humanely as possible. Since we are only able to process limited numbers of chickens each day, you are guaranteed the freshest, best tasting chicken around.
Email to order
pre-order only –  $3.75/lb
We will cut whole Chicken into pieces upon request N/C
New York dressed chickens available. (head and feet still attached).

And we also have chicken freezer specials now too. 
                 What is the Chicken Freezer Special?
It is 5 chickens cut into parts.
*You will get 1 bag of wings(10), 1 bag of thighs(10), 1 bag of legs(10), 10 breasts ( breasts can be boneless upon request )
*You also get the backbones, which are great for soup stock.
*And you can also have the feet (completely optional must be requested to be included) to add to  stock if you want.
*The chicken meat is in freezer bags, so all you have to do is put the bags in the freezer.
Minimum order for this special is 5 chickens.
You can also order more than 5 or have them cut and bagged anyway you want. You can also have them left whole.
**price/lb= $3.50  Chickens average 5-6 lbs each.
**price/lb= $3.75 with boneless breasts

Sign up for our CHICKEN CSA and save $$

How the chicken CSA works:

  • You commit to buying a certain number of chickens for the season – 10 weeks
  • Cost is 20% off our retail price because you pay upfront
  • Additional chickens (anytime) or parts (when available) can be purchased at 20% off retail price
  • Starts the week of September 12, 2017  and runs for 10 weeks until the week of   November 14, 2017 with pick up options of Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday at our farm stand either weekly or bi-weekly (drop off options not available yet)
  • You choose your share size and schedule (how many and how often)
  • You choose how you want your chicken(s) cut (backbone and innards need to be included but head and feet are optional)
  • Chickens may be fresh or frozen depending on availability
  • You do not need to be a veggie CSA member to sign up for the chicken CSA
  • Deadline to sign up is September 5, 2017
     2017 Fall Chicken CSA enrollment form
  • 2017 Fall Chicken CSA Farmer’s Market enrollment form


Antibiotic and Growth Hormone Free (None!)
RAISED on our farm!

Chickens can be picked up here at the farm in Shelton, the Shelton Farmers’ Market, or in New Haven at the CitySeed Wooster and Edgewood Park Farmers’ Markets.  But pre-ordering is necessary.