Farm Raised Poultry, Beef and Pork

All of our animal feed (except our veggies) comes from Hiland Naturals, a NON-GMO project verified company!



“Live” Poultry Fresh Killed (Custom Orders Only)
Chicken-Finished on GMO free feed

Fresh whole “Broilers” are available year round.

About our Chickens:  Our meat chickens are currently raised in barns on our farm. They are raised as humanely as possible; not overcrowded, never fed hormones or antibiotics. They are bedded down with kiln dried sawdust twice daily to keep them dry and healthy.  We do all chicken processing here at the farm. They are processed as humanely as possible. Since we are only able to process limited numbers of chickens each day, you are guaranteed the freshest, best tasting chicken around.

Pre-Order Only –  $3.75/lb
We will cut whole Chicken into pieces upon request N/C
New York dressed chickens available (head and feet still attached)

Email to order

Chicken Freezer Special              

  • 5 chickens cut into parts.
  • *You will get 1 bag of wings (10), 1 bag of thighs (10), 1 bag of legs (10), 10 breasts (breasts can be boneless upon request)
  • *You also get the backbones, which are great for soup stock.
  • *And you can also have the feet (completely optional must be requested to be included) to add to  stock if you want.
  • *The chicken meat is in freezer bags, so all you have to do is put the bags in the freezer.
  • Minimum order for this special is 5 chickens.
  • You can also order more than 5 or have them cut and bagged anyway you want. You can also have them left whole.
  • **price/lb= $3.50  Chickens average 5-6 lbs each.
  • **price/lb= $3.75 with boneless breasts

Sign up for our CHICKEN CSA and Save $$

How the chicken CSA works:

  • You commit to buying a certain number of chickens for the season – 10 weeks
  • Cost is 20% off our retail price because you pay upfront
  • Additional chickens (anytime) or parts (when available) can be purchased at 20% off retail price
  • Starts the week of February 6, 2018 and runs for 10 weeks until the week of  April 10th, 2018 with pick up options of Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday at our farm stand either weekly or bi-weekly (drop off options not available yet)
  • You choose your share size and schedule (how many and how often)
  • You choose how you want your chicken(s) cut (backbone and innards need to be included but head and feet are optional)
  • Chickens may be fresh or frozen depending on availability
  • You do not need to be a veggie CSA member to sign up for the chicken CSA

Deadline to sign up is January 26, 2018

2017 Fall Chicken CSA enrollment form



Antibiotic and Growth Hormone Free, RAISED on our farm!

Chickens can be picked up here at the farm in Shelton, the Shelton Farmers’ Market, or in New Haven at the CitySeed Farmers’ Markets.  But pre-ordering is necessary.


Turkey: Our Turkeys are Fed All GMO Free Food

(Nov. & Dec.) Available by pre-order only. We start taking orders July 1st!
They range in size from 18 to 35 pounds. Turkeys are processed here the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas fresh and are never frozen. A quick email that you want one and the approximate size will be sufficient.  We will email you a confirmation number that you will need when you pick up your turkey.

$4.25/lb all sizes
**Please take  into consideration that you are ordering a live animal, the actual weight of the turkey you get and the turkey you order may vary slightly.

Turkey pick up is Nov. 20th, 21st, and 22nd 2017 from 10 am - 6 pm at our farm stand in Shelton.
Or you must specify in your email if you would like to pick up your turkey in New Haven at Cityseed’s Wooster Farmer’s market.
December turkeys: pick up by appointment.



Our cows have derived from the Shelton’s Dairy milking herd. Our first beef cow on the farm was a young heifer born from a Hereford bull we used to breed the young Holstein heifers. Her Hereford traits earned her a place as our first beef cow. As the farm ceased to exist as a Dairy we slowly evolved into the position we are in now. The cows are pasture fed in the summer and fed our hay in the winter, along with all the mothers milk they need. When the cows wean the calves and we decide which are ready for slaughter, we bring them to another pasture where they are fed hay, extra veggies, sweet corn stalks and a small amount of GMO-free grain to help marble the meat for the best final product.  No hormones or antibiotics are needed raising our animals the natural way!

2017  Beef Price List:

NY Strip (boneless) $22.00

Rib Roast $15.00

Tenderloin Steaks/Roast $25.00

Brisket     $8.00

Beef Frankfurters    $10.00

Sirloin Steaks   $15.00

Porterhouse Steak   $17.00

T-bone Steak $15.00

Rib Steak    $15.00

Hanger Steak   $17.00

Skirt Steak    $17.00

Flank Steak     $17.00

Sirlion Tip Roast   $11.00

Sirlion Tip Steak    $11.00

Top Round Roast    $11.00

Bottom Round Roast   $10.00

Shoulder Steak  $11.00

Shoulder Roast     $11.00

Eye of the Round   $11.00

London Broil   $12.00

Chuck Steak    $11.00

Chuck Roast    $11.00

Stew Meat       $11.00

Minute Steaks $12.00

Ground Beef 5lb pkg $7.50

Ground Beef 1.5lb pkg $8.00

Short Ribs   $9.00

Soup Shanks   $9.00

Tongue $7.00

Oxtail $7.00

Heart $5.00

Liver  $5.00

Kidney  $5.00

Bones $4.00

We are now also offering SEASONAL BEEF SHARES for $8/lb !
Beef Shares are a sampler box of approximately 90-95 lbs of meat.

Click here to see what is included in the 2017 Beef share.

Sample Packs

Taste of Beef

2 rib steaks

1 top round or sirloin tip roast

2 pkgs stew meat

1 pkgs ground beef

Average weight is 10-15 lbs. Cost is $10.00 per pound

Pork Sampler

1 pkg bacon

1 pkg sweet Italian bulk sausage

1 pkg hot Italian sausage

1 pkg kielbasa

1 pkg American breakfast sausage

4 loin chops

Average weight is 8-11 lbs. Cost $8.00 per pound

We also are offering a beef and pork bundles.

Beef Bundle

4 ribs steaks

1 sirloin steak

1 skirt steak

1 london broil

1 Top Round or Sirloin Tip Roast

1 Bottom Round or Shoulder Roast

1 Chuck Roast

2 pkgs Stew meat

6 pkgs ground beef

1 pkg soup shanks

1 bag bones for broth

Beef bundles weigh approximately 38-42 pounds and are $10.00 per pound

Contact us to order your beef bundle

Pork Bundle

1 pkg. bacon

2 pkgs. sweet Italian sausage links

1 pkg. cheese & parsley sausage links

1 pkg. hot Italian sausage links

2 pkgs. kielbasa

2 pkgs. American breakfast sausage

2 pkgs. ground pork

1 butt roast

6 bone in loin chops

2 pkgs. spare ribs

1 fresh ham

1 smoked ham

Pork bundles weigh approximately 35-40 pounds and are $8.00 per pound

Contact us to order your pork bundle





Veggie-fed Pasture-raised PORK !

Pasture Raised, Antibiotic and Hormone Free!

Pork the way it should be. Our pigs get to root around in the dirt, splash in puddles and take mud baths whenever they want and sleep in beds of warm cozy hay.

Sweet It. sausage bulk $8.50

Sweet It. sausage links $9.50

Cheese and Parsley It. Sausage $9.50

Hot It. sausage links $9.50

Keilbasa   $9.50

American sausage   $8.50

Ground Pork   $8.00

Shoulder butt roast   $10.00

Picnic Roast   $10.00

Fresh Ham Roast    $10.00

Loin roast   $11.00

Boneless Loin roast    $13.00

Tenderloin roast     $17.00

Loin chops    $11.00

Country Style ribs   $11.00

Spare ribs    $11.00

Baby back ribs    $12.00

Smoked Hocks    $9.00

Smoked Ham    $11.00

Bacon $13.00

Bacon Ends   $7.00

Pork Frankfurters $10.00

Jowl   $10.00

Cheek      $10.00

Fat Back   $4.00

Tongue    $6.00


Heart $5.00

Liver    $5.00

Kidney $5.00

Ears   $6.00

Feet   $3.50

* All prices listed are per pound

Whole or half pigs processed, cut and packaged for your freezer $7.00/lb hanging weight. We do not sell whole or half pigs for pig roasts

We are now also offering SEASONAL PORK SHARES for $8/lb !
Pork Shares are a sampler box of approximately 75-80 lbs of meat.


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