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Our Veggie CSA Program Is Retiring

After 12 amazing years of running our Vegetable CSA Programs, we have decided that it time for the programs to come to an end. We have had some extremely great people be a part of our CSA's and would whole heartedly like to thank them for their support of our farm over the years. But don't fret, we will be offering, what we believe, will be an even better option for giving you a discount on our produce. This is our

Farm Credit Program!

And with this program, you won't be limited to just our fresh seasonal veggies, but will be able to pick from ANYTHING in our farm stand ALL YEAR LONG. We see this as a much more open option. This way YOU can pick out whatever YOU like. We have had people (too many to count), that would want to swap out something that was in their CSA share for something else. Now you won't have to worry about getting something you don't normally use or like. And what else is really great about this program, is that you can come in ANY time you want to use your Farm Credit! You don't have to come on any certain day of the week, and don't have to worry about switching your day if you can't make it. You can come by whenever it's convenient for you. Farm Credit details and enrollment forms are below.

We look forward to this new transition at our farm and hope you'll take advantage of this great program too.

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Farm Credit:

Farm Credit may be purchased and used throughout the season, in lieu of cash, at our farm stand. Farm credit is NOT a weekly CSA Farm Share. 

  • Pre-pay in $90.00 increments to receive a respective $100.00 credit at the Farm Stand only.

  • Farm Credit can be used for any Farm Stand Purchase.

  • Unlimited renewals.

  • Credit can be used in fractions or all at once.

  • Credit can be used by designees pre-authorized by credit holder.

  • Purchaser is required to sign credit slip at the time of credit purchase.

  • Download the Farm Credit Application here in PDF format.

  • Farm Credit expires 12 months from date last used.

Cash or check only. Credit Card payments not eligible for 10% discount. Pre-pay in $90.00 increments to receive a respective $100.00 credit at the Farm Stand. Unlimited renewals Unused credit expires 12 months from last purchase. Credit can be used in fractions or all at once. Credit can be used by designees pre-authorized by credit holder Purchaser is required to sign credit slip at the time of purchase. FARM CREDIT CANNOT BE USED AS CSA SHARE PAYMENT

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CSF - Community Supported Farmstand

Our next CSF Program will be our Winter CSF Program. This program will start in November and run through February. There currently is a waiting to list to get into this program. If you would like to be put on the waiting list until a space becomes available, please email us at:

A CSF or Community Supported Farmstand program is similar to the CSA Program except you come to out farm stand each week and shop. As a member you will decide on a fixed amount that you would like to spend each week in our farm stand, and you will receive 20% off of whatever you purchase. As with the CSA Program, with the CSF Program you will send in your deposit or payment prior to the season starting.

How a CSF works: is that for a set amount that you choose when signing up, you will be able to shop at our farm stand each week - and purchase whatever you'd like, and by pre-paying up front you have already received 20% Off your pre-determined purchase amount. So if you chose a $20 CSF amount, you paid only $16 for it and each week you can purchase anything in our stand up to the amount of $20, if you go over that amount you can use your existing farm credit, cash, check, or credit/debit card. Our shopping week runs from Saturday to Friday.

What will you get?  You can purchase anything that we have in our farm stand from veggies & fruits, to meats, to prepared meals & sides, to any other products that we have available. We have a variety of jarred products such as tomato sauces, bloody Mary mixes and salsas, as well as baked goods, dairy products, juices, local honey, dried fruit & nuts, and much, much more. We'll have new items each week throughout the season and there will also be daily specials on our prepared foods as well as our meats. Anything and everything we sell is available for you to choose from! We have different prepared foods each week and special items in our stand too so you'll never get bored.

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We keep expanding what we are offering in our Kitchen and Craft Butchery - there are some different items each week and there are continuously new items that you won't want to miss.

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